Baby Session Guideline

Thank you for choosing our studio for your most precious sessions!




Make sure your baby gets a good nap right before the session so your baby is ready to play and have fun at the session.


Feed your baby after the nap and before the session. No hungry baby is happy.




3 months (100 days sessions) - pacifier, milk, and a small toy that makes noise


Sitter to one-year sessions - pacifier if your baby uses it for soothing, milk, and a snack (such as cheerios or puffs) this may be needed to encourage them to play. Also, bring your baby's beloved stuffies or toys.


Cake Smash sessions - We provide the cake stand, paper banners and paper decorations. You are welcome to bring any of your decorations. Please provide the cake smash outfit. For boys, jeans or shorts with no top work perfectly. This can also be paired with suspenders or a bow tie. For girls, a tutu can work perfectly (we recommend bringing a diaper cover; sometimes the material is sheer and the diaper will be seen underneath). Options for both boys and girls can be a diaper cover, a solid-coloured onesie (some clients have a customized one made) or a complete outfit. We leave the decision completely up to you. Bringing a snack (such as cheerios or puffs) may be needed to encourage them to touch their cake.




We provide many outfits and props for 3 months (100 days), 6 months, and 1 year old babies. Our outfits are unique and make your baby look so adorable for the photo session. Most of our outfits are made for studio photography and cannot be found in stores. We highly recommend coordinating the entire family's outfits together; including older siblings.


Often clients like to use their baby outfits for the family photos. If that is the case, please dress your baby in that outfit as we photograph the baby with the family first.


We have various props for babies including headbands, bonnets, and hats. We also have stuffed animals, toys and fun surprises we can incorporate into the session. We do suggest that if you have a special idea or request, you call or email us before your session.


For family photos, we recommend solid and simple clothing that is void of any distracting patterns for you, your partner and/or siblings. If you are unsure, bring a few outfits as it is always better to have options. For family photos, we usually do not photograph below the knee and you do not need to have formal shoes. However, moms are welcome to bring them for a standing pose if there is a large height disparity. Shoes can be brought for the baby, but we like to photograph them in bare feet for most of the session. If your baby is standing (even leaning against something for support) shoes can sometimes make it more difficult for them to keep their balance.


If you are bringing your baby dressed in the first outfit, please bring or have them wear a bib to avoid any mess on the outfit.


For cake smash sessions, parents may get messy too! If you are planning on leaving the studio for another appointment or work, we suggest bringing a change of clothes just in case. We do have wipes, soap and towels for the baby to help clean them.




It is important to understand that we take baby safety very seriously. When using some of our props or furniture, we use a spotter or the aid of a parent or helper to ensure that the baby is safe.


If your baby becomes sick, even if it is a few days before the session, please let us know. We will reschedule the session once they are feeling better. It is important that they are feeling their best and we always recommend rescheduling the session if they are beginning to show symptoms.




We do retouching work on the baby's skin, removing any dryness, redness or bumps/scratches.


Toddlers may not cooperate for the sibling photos or family photos. Children are children, and we do the best we can when working with them of any age. We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves and with your permission, we can offer them treats or incentives for capturing images.


Separation anxiety can occur as early as 6 or 7 months old but is most common between 10-18 months old. If your baby cannot be held by another family member or cannot be out of the sight of the mother, we would recommend scheduling the session. It can be very challenging to get them comfortable in our studio and if they cannot become comfortable enough to play, then we will not be able to capture beautiful smiles. Separation anxiety is different than your baby being shy or if your baby needs some adjustment time when arriving in a new environment.


Sometimes babies can become overstimulated during the session with the new environment or new experience and this is very normal. A hug or a little break can help immensely and we can also sing a favourite song to help soothe them.


We welcome and encourage parents to remain close during the session. When we are photographing the baby, it is helpful to have a parent or someone help get their attention. However, when more than one person is talking and interacting with them it can confuse the baby on where to look. We usually have one of the parents beside the baby to provide support and safety.


We look forward to working with you and creating a fun experience for you!

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Baby Guideline

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