How would you like to see the images of your beautiful baby everyday?

Prints, Albums, Storybooks, Canvas, and more

Bring your photos to life with the excellence they deserve through high-end products!

Investing in professional photography is more than just capturing moments; it is about turning those moments into tangible art. Why, then, do many clients find their precious photos confined to digital screens, lost in the hustle of life, when the intention was to elevate the experience beyond a simple phone snapshot?


The reality is, life gets busy, especially with the arrival of a new baby. Parenthood is a 24/7 full-time job, leaving little time to search for a quality printing lab, shop for frames, or design an album.


That's where we step in, handling all the details so you can enjoy your photos as beautifully crafted art without any delay.


Our photography products are sourced from professional labs that cater to professional photographers. We prioritize high-quality prints, frames, albums, and folio boxes, ensuring they match the caliber of your photos. Truse us to bring your memories to life in a form that truly presents their excellence.


For clients who want something unique

Discover a magical collection of 4 uniquely crafted bedtime storybooks, tailor-made to be your baby's cherished keepsake. Picture the joy in your little one's eyes as they grow up, realizing they have an exclusive book all about them.


Dive into learing fun with our counting book - a delightful way for babies to learn numbers while being captivated by seeing themselves in the story. And don't miss our 'We Love You' book, the perfect bedtime companion for creating a warm, loving atmosphere before your little one drifts off to dreamland. Make bedtime magical!


Capture these precious moments with our one-of-a-kind books, available exclusively at Rachel Yoon Photography.

Photo Album Exclusive or Acrylic

For clients who love bundling up countless memories in a single book

Capture the timeless charm of your baby's first-year milestones with our classic heirloom photo album! We use archival paper to ensure your precious images are preserved in their finest quality. These albums also make the perfect gift for grandparents - an unforgettable keepsake they will cherish forever!


Upgrade to a complete set for added protection! Your album will com snuggly tucked in a quality keepsake box. And you will receive copies of your image files on a USB - say goodbye to your worries about lost files. Indulge in the luxury of a complete set for a presentation that exudes sophistication.


Press Album

Albums are a classic and traditional way to keep your favourites printed in one book. Our albums are printed on matte paper to show the images very natural and smooth. Our albums include a custom design that you are able to approve before sending to print.

Size 20 pages 30 pages
6x6 $385 $485
8x8 $485 $595
10x10 $585 $685

Framed Prints

For clients who love to create a photo gallery on their walls at home

Watch your children blossom with a sense of belonging and security as they grow up surrounded by their cherished photos. When you display your family photos in your home, you are able to share your story of love and they add a touch of warmth to your decor. You will see your proud memories every single day.


Our studio provides an array of frame options to complement your wall colour and match your decoration preferences. Choose from frosted metal frames for a contemporary touch, modern yet timeless metal frames, rich and natural walnut or ash frames, or opt for the charm of rustic wood frames.


Come visit our studio to see these frames in person and envision the perfect addition to your wall!


Image Folio Box Exclusive or Acrylic

For Clients who like both wall art and albums

If you find yourself torn between a wall display and a heirloom album, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of the folio box! This delightful option combines a beautifully handcrafted box with a curated selection of prints, available either board-mounted or matted. These prints are ready to grace your walls as a display or can be neatly stored within the box, similar to a cherished album.


What makes the folio box even more special is its inclusion of a USB to safeguard your precious image files with a second copy. With a capacity to hold many stunning images, you can easily pick a few favourites to frame and gift to grandparents. We adore the folio box for its incredible versatility and the fantastic value it offers for a collection of high-quality prints. It is the perfect way to showcase your memories in a style that suits you best!

Canvas Artwork

For clients who value the aesthetic of photos with a painterly appearance

Elevate your images with the artistic touch of our canvas pieces. Professionally mounted to a solid wood structure, these artworks assure you a timeless display. The meticulously tight and clean corners speak of a high-end finish. Additionally, each canvas is treated with a protective UV coating, ensuring resistance to fading over time.


It is not just a display; it is a lasting piece of art.

Framed Canvas, Metal & Acrylic Prints

For clients who appreciate a contemporary flair in their wall displays

Canvas is a classic wall display piece and framed photos exude a standard gallery look. But are you yearning for something more distinctive?


Picture this: a canvas with a refined wood frame edge or a sleek metal effect, perhaps even a vibrant acrylic finish. Our unique print options include museum-grade cotton canvas with an ash or walnut frame, an acrylic print that adds a remarkable sense of depth and contour, and an aluminum metal print showcasing tremendous depth and radiant colours.


Experience these exquisite choices for yourself at our studio and transform your space with elegance and style.

Triplex Gift Set

Available as an add-on only

Once you have selected the perfect main product to showcase your treasured photos, consider adding these desk-perfect display items - one for mom and one for dad. Alternatively, you can elegantly wrap them up as a thoughtful gift.


A triplex is a tri-fold centrepiece that beautifully weaves a story through three profound and poignant portraits. It is not just a display; it is a heartfelt narrative captured in art.

How would you like to see the images of your beautiful baby everyday?

Prints, Albums, Storybooks, Canvas, and more

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