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"With so many treasured moments about to unfold, you need to capture these in a way that is unforgettable… and pictures speak a thousand words!"

My Baby's First Year Bundle


Capture every milestone in your baby's first year with ease! Why spend time searching for multiple photographers when we can beautifully narrate the entire story from start to finish?


Bonus: Bundle 3 or more milestone sessions and receive a $400 value one-of-a-kind storybook & a baby memory book

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"There's nothing like this studio that's why I keep coming back yearly. They've been a part of my pregnancy journey since 2020 and I plan to do all our sessions with them. It's always been a great experience having my family's photos taken here, I am proud to say I am one loyal patron because their service is really exceptional!"

Embark on the incredible journey of motherhood with our Maternity session – the first chapter in documenting your baby's magical first year. We will capture the radiant you, the nurturing mama-to-be, brimming with love, ready to tell a heartfelt story to your little one.


Next is the Newborn session – a time-limited opportunity to capture the exquisite tininess that lasts for a short time. Our crafted and artistically created images will immortalize these precious early days.


Celebrate the 100 Days milestone with adorable and charming baby smiles, tummy time, and still tiny features. Whether you missed the newborn session or not, this stage promises lots of smiles and curious eyes, captured around the 4-month mark.


The Sitter stage follows – the most curious phase of your baby's first year. With the ability to sit unsupported and possibly starting to explore crawling, this is when their curiosity and happiness truly shines. Most babies love the attention during this stage, ensuring happy and adorable images you will cherish.


Then comes the first year milestone, photographed around 10-12 months as your baby explores cruising and walking. Consider a fun Cake Smash session to capture the joy of this momentous occasion.


To encapsulate this remarkable journey, we present the Storybook – an exclusive creation by Rachel Yoon Photography and local artists. This one-of-a-kind book, valued at $400, is designed just for your baby and will become their number one treasure. A true lifetime keepsake to read together hundreds of times, preserving the magic of their first year journey.


To learn about the costs for this unique and memorable experience, along with lifetime cherishable images, please visit our Investment page.

Your living room will always remind you of the incredible moments that have woven the tapestry of your family's story

Baby's 1st year bundle wall art

Frequently Asked Questions

Create your baby's unique storybook by choosing a minimum of 3 special milestones! Our delightful 3 milestones bundle kicks off at just $1985. During your phone consultation, we'll craft the perfect package to capture those precious first-year moments. It's an investment in memories that's truly priceless, and we're eagerly anticipating the joy you'll experience reading this tailor-made book to your little one. Most of our clients choose the full-service luxury experience, investing between $3000 and $5000 to beautifully document their baby's extraordinary first year.

Let's kickstart the excitement as soon as you're in the baby-prep groove! Once you've got the Baby's 1st Year Bundle on your checklist, consider us your official family photographer, ready to capture the enchanting journey of your baby's miraculous first year. You have the flexibility to tailor the package to your liking—whether you opt for all 5 milestones or choose the 3 or 4 that hold special significance for you.

No need to stress about scheduling! Our friendly reminders will keep you on track, ensuring that every milestone is perfectly documented. We've got it all covered – your only job is to relish these beautiful moments!

Absolutely! Depending on the sessions you choose to bundle, we can tailor an installment plan just for you. You even have the flexibility to opt for auto payments or receive individual invoices for each instalment. Our professional system accommodates either method, making it convenient for you. Feel free to let us know your preference!

We totally get it – plans can shift, and life happens! Maybe you initially aimed for the whole journey from maternity to the 1st year, but now you're leaning towards newborn, sitter, and 1st year. No worries! Perhaps you booked the full 5 milestones but have to skip newborn due to unforeseen complications. Not an issue! You can save that session and replace it with a lively toddler milestone later on.

And if you're moving to another province, we'll be genuinely sad to see you go, but no need to fret. After a small $100 admin fee, you'll get a partial refund. Even if you had to miss a session, as long as you've had at least 3 sessions, your baby's storybook is still a beautiful reality. We're here to make sure your baby's 1st-year documentation is as flexible and stress-free as possible!

Why stick to just one when you can have a collection of unique books for your precious baby? Here's an exclusive deal for you – enjoy a fantastic 25% off on any additional books. Plus, as a VIP perk, grab a generous 15% discount on any other products to preserve the magical images from your baby's extraordinary 1st-year journey. It's our way of adding extra joy to your keepsake collection!

Your investment's true worth isn't found in unfinished work. Raw and unedited files are akin to the uncooked, unused meat in a restaurant kitchen—seldom requested by customers. Just as your fine dining experience thrives on expert service and impeccably presented dishes delivering delectable flavors, your exceptional newborn photography experience hinges on superb service, meticulously crafted images with the final touch, and top-notch products that showcase those images in the best possible way. It's all about creating a memorable and delightful experience for you!

Our products aren't sourced from generic stores or online shops with unrealistically cheap deals—no London Drugs specials here! We've partnered with top-notch professional labs that collaborate with skilled photographers. If you're treating yourself to a luxury photography experience, it only makes sense to invest in products that truly complement the quality your images deserve.

While the digital images we provide can be printed up to 11x16, we strongly recommend ordering prints through us. It's a fantastic way to see your precious images come to life and truly shine on your walls. Let's make your space as beautiful as your memories!

After each session, we put our heart into carefully selecting and softly editing the images. You can expect to see your personalized gallery online within just a couple of days! From there, you've got about two weeks to make your selections. Quick tip: the sooner you dive into selecting, the more you'll feel the magic in those images, making the process even more enjoyable.

Once we receive your selections, it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the final images to be ready. After the products are designed and finalized, we place the order, and usually, they arrive at our studio within 3 to 4 weeks. We'll then deliver the finished product right to your home, allowing you to relive the magic not just once but for years to come.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions! You can contact us through phone, email, or direct messages. Alternatively, jot down your questions and bring them up during the phone consultation. We're here to help!

Sample Pages of Storybooks

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