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"Rachel was very knowledgeable and professional. She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience."


Congratulations! How could you NOT capture this incredible moment as your baby's journey begins? We are thrilled you're here to document your glowing self as a mom and embrace the empowering world of maternity photography.


The images we capture will tell the beautiful story of how much your baby was cherished even before their arrival, and we are here to help you preserve that love-filled narrative to share with your little one.


Wondering why Rachel Yoon Photography is the perfect choice for capturing your pregnancy experience? Here are some reasons that make our sessions unique and stress-free:

  • Diverse Wardrobe: Choose from our extensive collection of over 30 maternity gowns and fabrics to find the perfect look for you.
  • Enchanted Digital Backdrop: We provide signature images that stand out from the rest. Immerse yourself in the allure of our magical editing skill, transporting you to a luxurious mansion setting like no other.
  • Hair and Makeup Services: We will arrange for professionals to pamper you with hair and makeup, ensuring you feel absolutely fabulous during the session.
  • Expert Posing Guidance: Our posing directions are designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease, resulting in images that will truly wow you.
  • Full Studio Experience: You deserve the full professional photography studio treatment, complete with coffee/tea, healthy snacks, and the assurance of leaving the session feeling gorgeous and confident.

Are you ready to envision what this experience feels like? Let's start the process with a phone consultation to design your personalized session. We can't wait to create magical memories together!

"Rachel is a very experienced photographer. She is patient, and understanding, and knows exactly how to coordinate our poses for the best shots. Our photos turned out amazing! I would definitely recommend Rachel’s studio to anyone looking to capture beautiful memories of themselves and their family during this special time in their lives."

To learn about the costs for this unique and memorable experience, along with lifetime cherishable images, please visit our Investment page.

Why not capture both Maternity and Newborn moments? Book our Maternity and Newborn Bundle and enjoy a $50 bundle discount PLUS receive a baby memory book ($70 value).

Thinking of capturing the 1st birthday milestone with a cake smash session as well? Book My Baby's First Year Bundle and receive a one-of-a-kind storybook valued at $400 on top of the baby memory book. This storybook will be a cherished keepsake for your baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on what suits your vision! Are you more into a straightforward session with just digital files, or does a full-service experience with tangible products to cherish those precious moments sound appealing to you? Our maternity photography packages start at $695, but most clients usually invest between $1200 and $2000.

Picture this: a fully pampered experience with stunning images capturing the beauty of your pregnancy. Keep in mind, all packages are subject to GST.

So, what's your vision? Let's chat and make sure it's exactly what you're looking for!

The sweet spot for capturing your pregnancy glow is typically between 28 and 35 weeks when your belly is beautifully rounded, and you still feel comfy striking those poses. To ensure we can secure your spot and arrange for a fabulous hair and makeup service, reaching out for a phone consultation between 20 to 24 weeks into your pregnancy would be just perfect! Let's plan a chat and make sure everything aligns perfectly for your stunning maternity session.

Cross one worry off your list effortlessly – the outfit stress! We've got you covered with a fabulous wardrobe boasting over 30 maternity gowns and fabrics that you'll absolutely adore slipping into. Whether you're envisioning boudoir-style maternity shots or leaning towards a more conservative look, we've got the perfect options for you. Our gowns are designed to fit most sizes, and our diverse fabric selection caters to all body types.

Got a specific outfit in mind? Let's dive into it during your phone consultation. Some of our clients have brought their own maternity gowns, embraced traditional Indian sarees, or kept it simple with jeans and a shirt. Your vision matters, and we're here to bring it to life effortlessly!


When nature is showing off its vibrant greens, blooming cherry blossoms, or casting a golden glow on beautiful sunsetting beaches, that's the perfect time to capture some truly magical moments. Weather permitting, we offer outdoor maternity photography from April to October. Our go-to scenic spots are Deer Lake in Burnaby and Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.

Do you have a cherished outdoor location where you'd love your maternity photos to come to life? Let's have a chat and weave that special place into the fabric of your dream maternity session. Your preferences matter, and we're here to make your vision a reality!

We're here as your professional maternity photographers, and our expertise lies in bringing out your best through flattering angles and poses. With our guidance, you'll effortlessly strike poses like a pro, turning your photoshoot into a genuinely enjoyable experience. We've got a range of posing options to suit different body types and outfits, including various poses that beautifully capture the connection with your partner and kid(s).

You're not alone in feeling this way—we hear it all the time. One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive after maternity sessions is that we make our clients feel incredibly comfortable. It's not just about your experience; your comfort is reflected in the photos. When you're at ease, it shines through in the images, resulting in gorgeous pictures that could rival any model's.


It's completely normal for women to experience changes in their appearance before and during pregnancy. Despite the amazing transformations our bodies go through, there can be moments of uncertainty and insecurity about being photographed. We get it – you're torn between wanting to capture this special time (especially if it's the only or last time) and concerns about how you'll look.

That's where our expertise in posing and lighting comes into play, creating a touch of magic. We know the tricks to make you feel and look your best. From finding the most flattering angles and poses for your body type to our skillful editing techniques, you'll see a glamorous version of yourself in the photos – ones you'll be excited to share with everyone. Your beauty will shine, and capturing this moment will be a celebration of the wonderful journey you're on.

We're thrilled that you're such a fantastic planner! We encourage every expecting mom to plan their maternity  session during 20-24 weeks. To kick things off, a phone consultation is a fantastic starting point. We can hash out most details during this call. However, if you're keen on picking out maternity gowns before the session or checking out tangible products to decide how you'd like to preserve those beautiful images afterward, an in-studio consultation is an excellent idea. We're here to make sure everything is just the way you want it!

Your investment's true worth isn't found in unfinished work. Raw and unedited files are akin to the uncooked, unused meat in a restaurant kitchen—seldom requested by customers. Just as your fine dining experience thrives on expert service and impeccably presented dishes delivering delectable flavors, your exceptional maternity photography experience hinges on superb service, meticulously crafted images with the final touch, and top-notch products that showcase those images in the best possible way. It's all about creating a memorable and delightful experience for you!

Our products aren't sourced from generic stores or online shops with unrealistically cheap deals—no London Drugs specials here! We've partnered with top-notch professional labs that collaborate with skilled photographers. If you're treating yourself to a luxury photography experience, it only makes sense to invest in products that truly complement the quality your images deserve.

While the digital images we provide can be printed up to 11x16, we strongly recommend ordering prints through us. It's a fantastic way to see your precious images come to life and truly shine on your walls. Let's make your space as beautiful as your memories!

It all kicks off with your phone consultation, where we dive into designing your session based on how you envision enjoying the images. Choosing the perfect products might involve a studio visit, giving you the chance to see and feel the products, letting you imagine how they'd complement your maternity photos. Don't worry; we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Had a change of heart after the session? No problem at all! Perhaps your initial idea was to adorn your bedroom with large prints, but now, captivated by numerous stunning images, you're considering a versatile folio box to print and display them as you wish. That's completely fine! The final tweaks to your chosen products happen after you've seen the final images. You can add, swap, or remove any products you originally had in mind, making sure everything is just perfect for you. Let's make it a seamless and enjoyable process!

After your session, we put our heart into carefully selecting and softly editing the images. You can expect to see your personalized gallery online within just a couple of days! From there, you've got about two weeks to make your selections. Quick tip: the sooner you dive into selecting, the more you'll feel the magic in those images, making the process even more enjoyable.

Once we receive your selections, it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the final images to be ready. After the products are designed and finalized, we place the order, and usually, they arrive at our studio within 3 to 4 weeks. We'll then deliver the finished product right to your home, allowing you to relive the magic not just once but for years to come.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions! You can contact us through phone, email, or direct messages. Alternatively, jot down your questions and bring them up during the phone consultation. We're here to help!

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Hear it from those who've experienced the magic!

Rachel is a very experienced photographer. She is patient, understanding, and knows exactly how to coordinate our poses for the best shots. Our photos turned out amazing! I would definitelu recommend Rachel's studio to anuone looking to capture beautiful memories of themselves and their family during this special time in their lives.
Rachel and her team are beyond exceptional! I am so happy to have put my trust in her to capture the moments of my first pregnancy. Her passion for photograph and experience really shines through her photographs. She was also very hospitable and being 32 weeks pregnant she made me feel very comfortable- and beautiful!! She and her staff are absolutely phenomenal. I would choose her again and again!
A fantastic experience working with Rachel and Iris for our maternity photos! Both my husband and I find it very awkward being in front of the camera, but Rachel was great at making us feel comfortable and directing our poses and made it fun and easy for us. Both Rachel and Iris are so professional and friendly.

Excited about making your dream session come true?

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