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It was my dream, passion, and vision to create a Boutique Baby Studio in Vancouver. Finally, my dream of a boutique baby studio has come true. This dream didn’t happen overnight and I want to share how I got to this point and how it all came to be.

Becoming a photographer wasn’t my dream job while I was growing up, I loved math more than art. And when we hit the computer era, I always thought computer science would be my passion and a dream job. I eventually got into computer graphics and I absolutely loved it, and that was the beginning of me discovering my artistic side.

During my first travels to Europe in 2000, I brought with me a film camera and I discovered the world through my lens. It was at that moment that I first felt the love for photography. But I felt that still photography was just something that documented and added more pleasure to traveling, right?

People started to comment how talented I was with photography and that I have eye for a perfectly composed shot. So I experimented more with photography, by doing some photography work at my job. Years passed, I got married and had a 10-month-long honeymoon trip. We traveled all over South America and Asia. I was blogging during the trip, posting stories and photos. It was an unforgettable journey to not only discover the world but also discover my passion and my soul. I knew then I have undeniable passion to capture everything beautiful in the world using my eyes & knowledge of photography.

At first I didn’t think that a person could make a career as a photographer. I kept working as a web developer while building a photography portfolio as a part-time photographer. I photographed weddings, babies, families, head shots, and whoever and whatever I was contracted to photograph.

Then I was pregnant with my baby. When I was on mat leave, I decided to develop photography as my full-time career because I wanted to spend more time with my baby. This would give me more time to watch & document her every first times. Once the mat leave ended I felt that one year just want’s enough, so in a way my little girl Julianna, is the one who steered me onto the right path and helped me to achieve my dream.

In July, 2013, Rachel Yoon Photography had a brand makeover as maternity, newborn, and baby photography studio. I have a special connection with babies and I know that my innermost passion is that I want to photograph babies. I wanted to create a strong brand as a boutique baby studio and my mission: to offer an amazing experience to as many new parents as possible. I believe that the experience that I offer is unique and precious, and I want to offer affordable packages, bundled with high quality art.

Every time that I have worked with an existing of new client, I would give them the best service and grace as they bring their precious babies into my home studio. From the success of my business Rachel Yoon Photography has become bigger than just a in home-studio business, and beyond full-time capacity.

I searched for a studio space in February, 2015 and found one that fit my vision and that I could turn into my dream boutique baby studio. After all the lease negotiations, construction, paper work for licenses, insurance, moving in, furnishing, and decoration it has been completed. The whole process took over 5 months, much longer then I expected.

I must say it has been an incredible journey but quite overwhelming. I was working full time, more than 40 hours a week with my business when the new studio project started. So doing all the work for the new studio on top of the sessions, editing, marketing, and communication was not easy.

Thankfully I hired an amazing assistant photographer a month ago, whom I am excited to officially introduce soon. And all the support I had from my dear family and friends is what made my dream come true.

I moved into my new studio on August 1st, 2015. The flooring at the time of the move in was still not complete, the painting needed another coat, and I had no furniture to put things away and organize. Even with all these hardships I had the first session in my new studio on August 6th, 2015.

With much love, I’d like to thank to all my wonderful clients who were very understanding and patient with the delay of my work and the studio opening. I felt so lucky to work with so many wonderful people. And without all my clients who trusted me and brought their precious newborn babies to me, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

I can only see Rachel Yoon Photography continue to grow as a boutique baby studio and I am committed to offering amazing experiences and beautiful images for all families to cherish for generations.

Now, it is time to announce the names of Rachel Yoon Photography’s new mascots (mom and baby). Here is a video of their birth announcement.


Winners of our ‘Choose & Name it Baby Animal Mascot’ Contest

Grand Prize*: Alice Tam
*$100 Gift Certificate*: Amber Rose

Congratulations to both of our winners!

Winners please contact us either by direct message or by email at:

Also learn more about our beautiful boutique baby studio here:

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