Fine Art Photography – Children Portraits in an Art Form

For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to the art of newborn and maternity photography, capturing the precious moments of over 2500 families and counting. Along the way, I’ve assembled a team of talented photographers who share my passion for preserving these cherished memories. As my journey continues, I find myself drawn to the realm of Fine Art Photography, inspired by both the growth of my daughter and the evolving beauty of my baby clients.

But what exactly is Fine Art Photography, you might wonder? Sometimes, it’s easier to show rather than tell.

fine art photography - children photography - north shorefine art photography - children photography - north shore

At first glance, Fine Art Photography may strike you as something different from traditional photos, resembling more of a painting than a typical image. Think of strolling through an art gallery, admiring Renaissance, Baroque, or Impressionism masterpieces. In those eras, portraits were crafted through painting; today, the camera serves as our brush. But why embrace this painterly aesthetic in photography? It’s about transforming digital photos into tangible art pieces—something you’d proudly display on your wall, printed on fine art paper or canvas.

So, what defines a photo as fine art?

Firstly, the lighting is crucial. I often opt for soft, diffused light, aiming to preserve all details while avoiding harsh contrasts. Slight underexposure is preferred over overexposure, creating a softer, more nuanced look.

Next, poses and expressions differ from conventional portraits. Just as in the old days, subjects often adopted serene, contemplative poses for their portraits. While smiling is not discouraged, the focus is more on capturing genuine, timeless expressions. For instance, if your child exudes joy and playfulness, we’ll highlight those qualities.

In addition to portraits, Fine Art Photography extends to capturing the graceful movements of dancers, such as my ballerina daughter. It’s about immortalizing fleeting moments with an artistic flair.

fine art photography north vancouver - ballerina

fine art photography north vancouver - ballerina

The key to transforming a photo into fine art lies in the editing process. Each digital image undergoes meticulous crafting in Photoshop. From delicately adjusting highlights and shadows to adding texture, softness, and intricate brushwork, numerous steps contribute to fine art photography editing, with each image requiring up to an hour to perfect.

Following editing, the final step is printing. We meticulously select high-quality textured paper for framed art pieces, ensuring that every detail shines through. Canvas printing also offers an excellent medium for showcasing fine art photos.

Curious about exploring Fine Art Photography packages for your children or family? Visit our Fine Art Photography website to learn more and get in touch with us today.


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