Pregnancy Client Guide

We are very excited to capture your pregnancy and for the best experience, we'd like you to read this guide to prepare for your session.




Pregnancy sessions require you to move in ways you are not used to, and therefore they can be exhausting to the body. We suggest a few things for you to prepare for your session:


• Eat a well-balanced meal with carbs and protein
• Drink lots of water
• Stay off your feet for 1-2 hours before your session (a perfect time for hair/makeup)

• If you booked a hair and makeup service with us, come with a clean face, completely dried hair, and a loose shirt on so it is easier to change out of.


We also suggest making sure your partner and children also have a meal before their session. We do provide water and snacks in the studio for your session.


Maternity Wear


We have over 40 gown options at the Burnaby studio and over 20 gown options at the North Vancouver studio. Please check out our gowns before the session so you have a good idea of your choice of outfits.


Burnaby Maternity Gowns

North Vancouver Maternity Gowns


If your session is outdoors, please email your gown choices prior to your session. There is no designated changing area when outdoors but most of our gowns are easy to slip in and out of quickly and discreetly.


Our gowns are made of stretchy material and fit most sizes (S-L). If you wear XL, silk wraps work really well. You are welcome to bring any clothing of your own as well!


Pregnancy Packing


Depending upon the style of your session and clothing you are choosing, the following are the items to bring:


Strapless Nude bra, black bra, and white bra
Nude, black, and white underwear - a thong is ideal or a spandex-type panty that does not show lines
• High-heeled shoes are optional (for long gowns) and handy if your partner is quite taller than you.
• For an outdoor session, please bring some closed-toe shoes


Please bring your own jewelry or flower crowns if you would like to wear them. You can also bring props that you want to use - i.e. ultrasound photos, baby crown/tiara, baby shoes, stuffed animals etc.


Maternity Styling for Partners and Children


We suggest complimentary styling for your partner and children. This means they do not need to have the exact same colour, but perhaps be in the same tonal range, as well as style. We highly recommend you bring one light and one dark-tone outfits for your partner and children.


If you are choosing more fancy and formal gowns for your session, your partner should be dressed to match the same style (glam vs casual). Likewise, if you are going to go more casual, your partner can also be more simple in their clothing, such as jeans. Please avoid logos on shirts.


We suggest avoiding shorts for partners or children. Shoes are optional. if you are wearing dress shoes, they should also wear shoes.


We look forward to creating an amazing experience for you!

Let's Create Unforgettable Memories Together!

Maternity Guideline

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