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We specialize in newborn photography and serve in Greater Vancouver. We have three different newborn packages and when you have older kids, you can do sibling add ons to any of the newborn packages we offer. Here is an example of Newborn Essence with Siblings package.

We ask clients to bring props that are very personal. Common props might be blankets knitted by a family member (often grandma), stuffed animal, watch, rings, etc. This client brought two blankets and both were beautiful to use.

We chose a lying down basket for this little princess and used the first blanket. Purple was one of the colours the client chose and our creativity incorporates our clients’ likes and preferences.

newborn baby girl on a blanket - newborn photography vancouverbaby girl close up - newborn photography vancouverbaby girl on the purple blanket that her grandma knitted - newborn photography vancouverTypically we photograph the bonding siblings on the fur fabric setup. Before bringing the siblings in the scene, we photograph the baby alone first. Then we will photograph the baby with the siblings. sibling photo - newborn photography vancouver

When siblings are old enough to safely hold the baby, we like them sitting together like the image below. When the sibling(s) are not quite old enough (under 4), the second setup for the sibling photos will be done with a basket setup. We love to capture the happy siblings with the new arrival in the family. 🙂

newborn baby girl with big brothers - newborn photography vancouver

The last setup for this princess was on the beanbag. We used the second blanket, which was perfect to tuck the baby in. The client brought the matching headband. We have lots of headbands but also love to use what our clients bring. The only headbands that we prefer not to use are big flower headbands. We find those are way too big on the tiny baby face and take the focus away from the baby. All our headbands and tiebacks are dainty and elegantly girl tucked in the blanket - newborn photography vancouverWe also did our go-to-poses – side pose and bum up pose. She was just an angel.
newborn baby girl in side pose - newborn photography vancouvernewborn baby bum up pose - newborn photography vancouvernewborn baby bum up pose - newborn photography vancouvernewborn baby facing forward on a beanbag - newborn photography vancouverNewborn Essence with Siblings package include images with mom and dad, and the family photos. We were blessed to work with such a happy loving family and capturing the enormous love in this family was priceless.newborn baby girl held by her mom - newborn photography vancouvernewborn baby with dad - newborn photography vancouverfamily photo - newborn photography vancouverfamily photo - newborn photography vancouver


This is an example session and each session is different. We’ve had clients who didn’t want basket setups and did all three setups on the beanbag. We discuss with clients at the beginning of the session to find out which setups they like for their baby.

We welcome grandparents to the session. There is an additional fee if you’d like to include grandparents in the session. If you have older kids, you can simply add on siblings to any newborn package you choose at $50 additional fee. Check out an example of Newborn Essence with Siblings.

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Newborn Photography Vancouver

Rachel Yoon is a Vancouver newborn photographer who fell in love with newborn photography once she became a mom. Photographing newborns is the first step in documenting the baby’s first year. Learn more about documenting your baby’s first year. Are you looking for a newborn photographer in Vancouver? Contact Rachel Yoon to find out about her newborn photography service.

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