5 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Newborn Photographer

You are expecting! You’ve seen those beautiful images of your friend’s newborn baby and you absolutely want to capture those beautiful images for your baby when he/she is born. You are now wondering how to find the right newborn photographer for you. The first thing you might do is ask your friend who the newborn photographer was. A friend’s recommendation is something you can definitely rely on and we do get a lot of clients referred by their friends. We offer a referral credit to thank you and your friend who refers you so something to consider.

But what if you are Google searching? What should you consider before you hire a newborn photographer? Here are 5 things to consider before you hire a newborn photographer.


1. Will the newborn photographer be available when your baby is born?

There are a few reasons the newborn photographer might not be available. She might be away – planned vacation, for example, sick, or already booked. First of all, you will need to hire a newborn photographer before your baby is born – way in advance if your desired newborn photographer is popular. We recommend you book at least 2 months before your due date.

Most newborn photographers work alone. They need vacations and what if your baby arrives earlier or later than the due date, and your photographer is away during the newborn photography prime time (day 6 to 14)? You will need to ask for a backup plan – What happens if the photographer is away or sick. We were contacted a few times by clients whose newborn photographer cancelled on them last minute – it could be a personal emergency but it happens. At Rachel Yoon Photography, we have 2 newborn photographers so we cover each other when needed. Therefore, we will never cancel on you.

2. Which newborn photographer’s style do I like?

Newborn Photography is an art. Find a photographer who presents the style you like. Do you like the fun style? Do you like the colourful style, the dark moody style, or the clean simple style? Definitely look at the galleries on their website or social media. Our newborn photography style is clean and simple. We use pastel tone colours for the soft look. Check out our Instagram to see what I mean by the clean simple style.



3. Do I want the photo session done at a studio, the photographer’s home, or at my home?

There are pros and cons so I will highlight a few of those for each case.

Studio Pros: The space is prepared and equipped for newborn photography – proper lighting and space, plenty of props to choose from, and professional so you don’t feel like you are going to someone else’s home. Studios like ours have a snack area and a play area for little siblings. Also, lots of seating areas to accommodate big families including grandparents.

Studio Cons: You will have to make a trip so you might want to find a studio not too far from where you are.

Photographer’s Home Pros: Typically newborn photographers will start out from their homes because there is more cost of having a commercial studio space. Because they are new, they will charge less. If you are on a budget, this could be a good option.

Photographer’s Home Cons: Space is limited. Props are limited. Experience is limited. You definitely want to ask about the space – how big it is, whether it is a separate space just for work or it is their living space, how well equipped it is for newborn photography.

Your Home Pros: The session will be done in your comfort zone and you don’t have to travel. If you have a little sibling(s) or pet(s), they are also in their comfort zone. The lifestyle newborn photography is what you are looking for, it is a great option.

Your Home Cons: You will have to make the space clean and uncluttered. If you don’t have good natural lighting, the images might not turn out nice. You will have to pay for the photographer’s preparation and travel time. What the photographer could bring to your home is limited. You definitely ask the photographer for the list of things she brings to do the session at your home and what you need to do to prepare the space.

 配資photography studio Interior design

4. How much experience does the photographer have?

We all start at some point. No one starts with experience. If you are on a budget, you might go with a photographer with less experience as they tend to charge less as they still build experience. If the experience is important to make sure your session will go smooth, with more guaranteed results, and a worry-free session for safety, you might want to go with an experienced newborn photographer. You can ask how many newborns the photographer has photographed, and what kind of newborn photography training she had if she is fairly new. Newborn photography training is crucial for your baby’s safety. I had the first newborn session in October 2013 and I have photographed over 2000 newborn babies, and Emily photographed over 1000 babies over 10 years.

5. Packages and Prices

Yes, I put this at last. Newborn photography is a one-time investment and I don’t think you should choose a photographer based on the price. Once your choice of photographers meets all your desire in the above, then compare the packages and prices.

We value quality over quantity. You don’t need so many images from a newborn photography session, or unedited raw files – they all end up staying on your computer and never looked at. You want to have quality images that you will continue to cherish and print in a tangible format. Does the photographer offer quality finished products like albums or fine art prints? You invest in the session to have the quality images but have to print them through an ordinary printing company (i.e. London Drugs), you lose the value of your investment, which is why you don’t even need the full-size files. If you don’t intend to have any tangible products but just keep them in a digital format, make sure you keep backup files in virtual storage. If you are thinking of doing an album or prints, ask the photographer what kind of products she offers and how much they are so you have the full scope of a potential investment. We have revised our packages over the years to meet our clients’ desires and we offer quality products to deliver the high-quality finished products.

newborn baby girl wrapped in white

I hope this helps you find the right newborn photographer for you. If we meet what you are looking for, contact us to book or ask any further questions. We offer a free phone consultation.


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