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Maternity Photography is to capture the special and unique time of your life known as pregnancy. At Rachel Yoon Photography we have a large collection of beautiful maternity gowns for clients to choose from.

We offer 3 different maternity packages and our clients can use our maternity gowns at no extra charge. The gowns are all from the world renowned newborn and maternity photographer, Ana Brandt. She is not only an amazing newborn and maternity photographer but is also an incredible artist who creates beautiful maternity gowns for all shapes of pregnancy.

The maternity gowns can be adjusted in size so that we can perfectly match the maternity gowns fit to a variety sizes and shapes. We may recommend gowns that might work better over others when you come in for the session. We always ensure that there is enough time for us to go through the gowns and to try them on so that you find the one that you feel most comfortable wearing and makes you feel beautiful in.

Here are not all but most of our gowns that are favoured by our clients.

Silk Wraps
The silk wraps are very versatile maternity outfit as we can create different looks. We have 6 yards long silk wraps in four different colours – beige, purple, white, and blue. We can wrap you completely to make a dress, drape down to create a boudoir look, throw to create the butterfly effect, and create so many different looks. Every wrapping is different that we do but you can expect something really cool when you choose the silk wrap as your option.
vancouver maternity photography silk wrap gowns


Splendid All Mama Gown
The strong stunning red creates dramatic look of the pregnancy. We particularly like this dress with black backdrop and one lighting to enhance the dramatic gorgeous look.
Splendid All Mama Gown


The Goddess
You will look like Goddess and you will feel like Goddess in this gown. This sheer fabric dress is a very elegant choice.
The Goddess - Ana Brandt maternity gown


The Glorious Lacey Dreamy Mama
This dress is so elegant and a great option when you want to cover your belly and your arms. It fits well for many different sizes and shapes of body and works well with many different lighting and backdrop options to create various looks. If you’d like before and after images (baby in your tummy and after born), this gown can be used at your baby’s newborn session as well.
maternity photography vancouver glorious lacey dreamy mama gown


Tutu Mama Skirt White
This tutu can be combined with a short cut top or a white bandeau (We have them all at the studio). The black or grey backdrop will make the image classic. The backlighting makes the images dreamy. We also love the beige backdrop for the soft look as well.
maternity gowns tutu


The Bastante Dress Peach
This is one of the most loved maternity gowns from our collection. We also call it mermaid dress. Mostly we photograph this gown with backlighting as the light that wraps around the body enhances the belly shape. This is also a nice gown for sitting poses.

mermaid dress - maternity gowns at Rachel Yoon Photography


Calla Gown 
The elegant Calla Gown is a well-fitted stretchy dress. It has a very light ivory tone and the high line under your breast makes you look tall. This is a great choice if you’d like to use it for a newborn session as well to create before (baby in the belly) and after (baby on your chest) images.

maternity gown - calla gown

Mama Gown White
Flying the gown is fun and it creates beautiful shapes of the gown. We can photograph this gown with various backdrops as they all look beautiful but just different. If we don’t have an assistant on your session day, your partner will be the one who throws the gown to create the flying shape.
mama gown white - maternity gowns at Rachel Yoon Photography


Mama Gown Mocha
This maternity gown works really nicely with backlighting. The light coming through the fabric makes a very special look. We can cover your belly or show. We also love this gown with the black backdrop if you have a very light skin tone.
Mama Gown Mocha - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Mama Gown Lace
This is another favourite maternity gown that works well with backlighting or beige backdrop. It is versatile as we can throw it for the flying shape or lay it on the floor. We can cover the belly or show it.
Mama Gown Lace - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Lacey Wrap Grey
This is another versatile maternity gown. We can use it as a wrap to show your body shape. We can make it like an evening gown showing your back. We can show your belly or cover it. One gown with many different looks.
Lacey Wrap Grey - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Lacey Wrap Pink
This is the same maternity gown as the one above but in pink. We also love to use it as a simple lacy fabric to create images like the middle ones.
Lacy Wrap Pink - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Little Mama La Belle Taupe
This is a new addition to our collection. We’ve had the purple one (below) for a while and clients wanted it in a neutral colour so here it is. It is sexy and elegant at the same time.
Little Mama La Belle Taupe - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Little Mama La Belle Purple
If you like purple, this is the gown you definitely want to wear. We can throw the bottom end for the flying shape.
Little Mama La Belle Purple - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Simply Sweet Mama Gown
This is a new addition to our collection. We love this one a lot. It covers the belly and arms. The long dress creates absolutely stunning flying shape. Adding the wind is another way to show the waves of the gown.
Simply Sweet Mama Gown - maternity gowns at Rachel Yoon Photography

Luxury Beaded Robe White
This is one of our favourites. We love this gown backlighted. It makes the image so romantic.
Luxury Beaded Robe White - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Luxury Beaded Robe Peach
This is the same material gown as the white one except that it is peach and shorter.
Luxury Beaded Robe Peach - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography


Dreamy Mama Robe White
It is another long see-through gown that is coordinated with a bandeau and shorts. It gives the similar feel to the beaded robe but different.
Dreamy Mama Robe White - maternity gowns from Rachel Yoon Photography

Would you like to capture your pregnancy in our maternity gowns? Don’t forget to contact us to capture gorgeous you in pregnancy. Find out the package details of the maternity photography or maternity and newborn photography bundle. You are glowing and so loving. You will always remember the love you felt when you are pregnant through your maternity images.

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